Making up one’s beautiful living space must be of everybody’s wish
Time:2018/1/21 1:11:00 Reading

Making up one’s beautiful living space must be of everybody’s wish.
  With profound artistic perception DOOWON creates fine arts of residence architecture and cultivates vivid and expressive living environment.
  We offer variety of products, including door,furniture, balustrade,arts and crafts, etc. and deals in stone, glass, concrete, wood and stone resin products.
  Door – Cast aluminium, cast iron and wrought iron gate, entrance door, beveled glass door, wooden door, remote control garage door, stainless gate and automatic rolling door.
  Furniture – Cast aluminium and wrought iron table and chair, tea table, flower framework; Cast aluminium bronze color door, wall plaque; Wrought iron divider, window fence and artistic decorative ornaments.
  Balustrade – Cast aluminium, cast iron and wrought iron balustrade decorated on wall, corridor, staircase, balcony, window and lawn etc.
  Arts and Crafts – Aluminium, brass, iron wares and stone resin products by sand, wax and die casting.
  Each individual product from “DOOWON” is a decorative art piece which will always charm your heart with its beauty.
  We plan, by developing fresh and various products continuously, to diversify the choices of customers. We also plan, through thorough quality control, keen workmanship and friendly after-service for customer, to prosper as an enterprise contributing, to the improvement of customers’ living standards.

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